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 Pokeblocks Creation

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PostSubject: Pokeblocks Creation   Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:12 pm

"Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Pokéblock and Berry Blending, as a beginner you must be wondering what Pokéblocks are, its purposes, and how you would go about creating them, as you conclude reading this informative booklet, you will know just that!!

Pokéblock Information

The Pokéblock, colorful candy blocks made from blended berries specifically for Pokémon, an object of much splender and admiration in the world of Pokémon Contests throughout the Pokémon World, desired by all Contest Trainers, but why?

• The primary use of Pokéblocks is to increase a Pokémon's condition in one of the five areas: Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, and/or Tough for Pokémon Contests.

• Pokéblocks are used to prepare a Pokémon for Pokémon Contests by raising it's condition in the category it will participate in, as well as the two adjacent attributes. The better a Pokémon's condition in those areas and the better its luster, the better the Pokémon will perform in the preliminary judging.

Pokéblocks may not only be used in preparation for Pokémon Contests, but may also used in other other situations listed below:

• Pokéblock may be used within the Safari Zone to lure Pokémon into your vicinity, or on the field for the same purpose.

• Pokéblocks may also be used as a treat for a well behaved Pokémon, as these are as candy is to humans, these treats are delicious to Pokémon.

As exciting as the advent of the Pokéblock sounds, it is extremely important to point out that you must own what is known as a "Pokéblock Case" to create Pokéblock and also in order to carry them. There are Pokéblock Case vendors in every Contest Hall, selling Pokéblock Cases of various sizes and also, from time to time, actual berries.

Creation of Pokéblocks

As you have taken your first curious steps into the world of Pokéblock, your mind must have raced indefinitely at the prospect of creating your very own Pokéblocks, this is both a simple and complex task.

As you begin your quest in creating Pokéblocks, you must first find and collect berries. There are many different types of berries found in the Pokémon World, each having unique properites, each being found at different locations. We will share the names of a few berries to get you started:

• Tamato Berry
• Cornn Berry
• Magost Berry
• Rabuta Berry
• Nomel Berry
• Spelon Bery

To find these berries or gain more information on them, it is your job to go out on your own and find them, and surely you will find the many other berries along your way.

Now to the actual creation of a Pokéblock, pay close attention to this information, as it is critical in creating high quality Pokéblocks and not creating failed attempts.

The most basic mechanic of creating Pokéblocks is the use of the machine known as the "Berry Blender" Pokéblocks are created by mixing berries with various other people in a Berry Blender found in every Contest Hall. The steps for a successful Pokéblock are as follows:

1.) Place your chosen berries in the blender. Once all berries have been chosen the center of the blender will begin to spin.

2.) As the blender spins an arrow located on both the spining blender top and where you stand will begin to meet up every rotation, you must press your arrow everytime both arrows meet, this speeds up the blender, thus creating a more well-blended Pokéblock. The more arrows you miss, the slower the blender will become, resulting in a poorly-blended, bad Pokéblock.

3.) One the blender reaches a stop, each participating person will receive Pokéblocks.

The resulting Pokéblocks depend on many variables, which are flavor and color, level, and feel.

Flavor and Color

The flavor and color of Pokéblock depends on the berries used to make the Pokéblock. In the process of blending, berries with a different flavors cancel out those of conflict, as follows:

• Sour cancles out bitter
• Bitter cancels out sweet
• Sweet cancels out dry
• Dry cancels out spicy
• Spicy cancels out sour

Pokémon of different natures will perfer different Pokéblock flavors. If the Pokémon happily eats the Pokéblock, it's condition will increase faster, whereas if the Pokémon disdainfully eats the Pokéblock, its condition will rise slowly. There are many different colored Pokéblocks with different effects, here are some of the most well known and established:

• Red Pokéblock - A spicy Pokéblock that raises Coolness.

• Blue Pokéblock - A dry Pokéblock that raises Beauty.

• Pink Pokéblock - A sweet Pokéblock that raises Cuteness.

• Green Pokéblock - A bitter Pokéblock that raises Smartness.

• Yellow Pokéblock - A sour Pokéblock that raises Toughness.

• Purple Pokéblock - A mostly spicy Pokéblock that raises Coolness and another attribute.

• Indigo Pokéblock - A mostly dry Pokéblock that raises Beauty and another attribute.

• Brown Pokéblock - A mostly sweet Pokéblock that raises Cuteness and another attribute.

• Liteblue Pokéblock - A mostly bitter Pokéblock that raises Smartness and another attribute.

• Olive Pokéblock - A mostly sour Pokéblock that raises Toughness and another attribute.

• Black Pokéblock - A low level Pokéblock created when at least 2 of the same berry is blended, or when their flavors cancel out.

• Gold Pokéblock - A high level Pokéblock which raises one or two attributes.

• Gray Pokéblock - A three flavored Pokéblock which raises three attributes.

• White Pokéblock - A four flavored Pokéblock which raises four attributes.


The level of a Pokéblock depends on the berries used and the speed of the Berry Blender. One can make higer-level Pokéblocks using different berries with the same kind of flavor. The level will also increase as the speed of the blender increases. A higher level Pokéblock will increase the Pokémon's condition more than a lower level Pokéblock.


The feel of a Pokéblock depends on the berries used and the numver of people using the Berry Blender. The more people using the Berry Blender, the lower the feel of the Pokéblock. The feel of the Pokéblock is determined by the average smoothness of the berries used, subtracting the number of people blending. Often the rare berries naturally have a higher smoothness than a common berry. Also, the higher the feel of a Pokéblock, the more filing it will be to the Pokémon eating it, meaning a Pokémon may eat more low-feel Pokéblocks than high-feel Pokéblocks without becoming full and refusing any more Pokéblocks.

As we come to a close we wish that you have come to grasp the basics of the Pokéblock and Berry Blending and increase your skills with practice. Please read our more advanced booklets if you wish for more in-depth information, until we meet again, Happy Blending!!!"

You finsh the booklet, grasping the basics of your curious aspiration, with this knowledge in heart, you set off in search of berries and and your very own Pokéblock Case!!!
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Pokeblocks Creation
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