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 Friend System

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PostSubject: Friend System   Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:30 pm

When choosing to be a pokemon instead of a human trainer, you might be wondering how will you catch or become another pokemon when you get bored of the one you chose, well heres the answer to that question:

The friend system works somehow like the pokemon ranger catching, you might find a wild pokemon but in order to get him in your party youll have to fight him first, in order for the pokemon you wich to friend with respects you. After fighting and winning, youll give the pokemon a Friend Braclet and youll be able to rp with the friend pokemon.

Friend Braclet:
Works like Pokeballs to capture or allied with a wild pokemon to be able to control it, as a pokeball the better the rank of the bracelet the better the chance of becoming friends.

A friend party consist of 3 pokemon max. Every other pokemon that you allied with will be sent to the FPP. Everytime you wish to change 1 of your allies youll have to call them through you Poke collar. The Pokecollar will emit a called to their Friend Bracelet telling them that you need them and they will appear in your location. This dosent work in battles niehter on dungeons.

Friends Pokemon Playground or FPP for short works as a norma Pc to store your allies.

Poke collar:
Works as the Pokewatch in the pokemon world, it can be located in which ever part of your body you desire. It has many function such as flashlight, FPP transferer, radio ect ect.
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Friend System
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