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 Happiness System

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PostSubject: Happiness System   Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:18 pm

Happiness System:

This system is created for Happiness evolutions such as: Pichu and Riolu.

Pokewatch Hapiness application is no needed but its recommended to keep track of how much your Pokemon loves you.
All Pokemon start with 10 Happiness
Giving Nicknames will help make them happy.
Try to keep them away from fainting and other dangers. You should give them special items such as a Sooth Bell.
You must get you Pokemon to love you by 100 Happy Points
Take your Pokemon to contest - if they win they will become happier.

All actions with '*' Can only be done once a day.

+Happy Points
*Petting:+5 Happy points, with Sooth Bell +10
*Warming them:+10 with Sooth Bell +15
Winning a battle:+5 with Sooth Bell +10
Not letting them faint:+5 with Sooth Bell +10
*Feed:+10 with Sooth Bell +15
Winning Contest:+20 with Sooth Bell+25
Second place: +10 with Sooth Bell+15
Nickname:+5 with Sooth Bell + 10

-Happy Points
*Not petting:-10 with Sooth Bell -5
Keeping them cold:-15 with Sooth Bell -10
Loosing a battle:-10 with Sooth Bell -5
Fainting:-10 with Sooth Bell -5
Not feeding it: -15 with Sooth Bell -10
Last place Contest:-25 with Sooth Bell-20
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Happiness System
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