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 Patrick Jenny

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PostSubject: Patrick Jenny   Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:53 pm

Name- Patrick Jenny
Gender- M
Age- 14
Birthday- Sep 16
Proffesion/s- Bird Catcher
Appearance- Pat wears a loose-fitting brown shirt with long sleeves, a lighter-brown vest with a lot of pockets, dirt-stained bluejeans, and black shoes. Though he keeps it cut shorter he has the Jenny hair, which he hides under a black beanie hat that has the outline of a skarmory on it.

Personality- A bit of a bad egg when interacting with people, but is incredibly gentle when he's only around pokémon.
History- Pat is the son of the sister-in-law of the second cousin of the Jenny from Celadon City. He really doesn't understand his extended family, so don't ask. He was mostly raised by his father, a traveling businessman in the Hoenn region. He saw a lot of that area and is used to long travel.
Money- 1500
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Patrick Jenny
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