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 Must read the FAQ!

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PostSubject: Must read the FAQ!   Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:02 pm

How do I Rp in here?
Easy you just create a Topic and Rp in it and you have to w8 until a MOD or ADMIN answers back to continue the RP

What are character sheets?
Theres where you keep record about your human character.

What are pokemon sheets about?
Pokemon sheets are made if you desire to be a pokemon instead of a human trainer.

How can I catch pokemon, while being a pokemon?
You cant catch pokemon if you choose to be one. You use the friend system, so if you wanna find out more about it go check the Friend system thhread.

What Items can I buy as a pokemon.
You can buy basic items such as potion, antidote, and some extra special items.

What are Gyms and elite 4 like while being a pokemon?
Gym are called Dungeons. The dungeon is headed by a power full pokemon and elite four are Supream Dungeons Island. Where youll find 4 dungeons to complete and the main dungeon of the Legendary pokemon.

What Pokemon can I start as if I choose to be a pokemon?
You start with the same old starter pokemon and 2 extra choices chose by a Admin or mod.

Why do I have to wait for Mod or Admin
Because they control your world.

Whats a mod responsability?
A mod is a person who answers in you Rp thread as an NPC

How do I get a pokemon?
First create a character Sheet then head to the lab to talk to Professor Maton

How do I capture new pokemons?
Youll start your adventure in a route or in the forest there youll Rp until a mod throws you a pokemon you desire to capture.

How do I level up my Pokemon?
You pokemon levels when you gain Xp equal to the current level of your pokemon or example
(a lvl 5 charmander needs 5 exp to reach lvl 6 and then it will need 6 exp to lvl once more and so on.)

What happens if all of my pokemons die?
You sended to the pokemon center to heal and you can return to your topic if you wish but the pokemon you were fighting fled.

What does team Diabla do?
Team diabla are the bad guys of the evano region. They use their mutant shadow pokemon to beat up trainers. If you wish to join Team Diabla, youll have to ait until they see your greatness and come to recruit you. (500 post needed to be recruited.)

What if I get beated by a team Diabla member?
Your pokemon might get Pokerus or turn into a shadow pokemon. If it gets Pokerus his attack will be stronger but wont obey you. If your pokemon turns shadow no only wont he wont obey you but he'll try to destroy everything in his way.

If my pokemon goes shadow how can I turn it back to normal?
The only way to turn it back to normal is going to the Pokemon Knights secrete lab and realease it from the shadows.

What are Pokemon Knights?
Pokemon Knight is a special rank gain after beating the 5 Knight castles spread through the Evano's region.Pokemon Knights also are especialize in dragon and fighting type pokemon.

What are the advantages of being a Pokemon Knight.
Youll get pay 500 Pokedollars a month, will have the honor to have a pokemon guardian and youll be the creator of justice!

How does the lottery work?
Admins choose a random number and whoever guess its wins a special reward.

Can I battle with other trainers?
Yes you can do it anywhere in the wild or in the cities category.

Can I trade with other trainers?
Yes but only in the pokemon center Trade center thread.

Can I Rp with other trainers?
Yes you can RP that you travel together.

Can I catch a legendary pokemon?
Can you? Well legendary pokemons may appear when Theres a special holiday going on like christmas, but itll be just to the ones worthy of it, but you wont be able to catch it.

What starters can I choose from?
All the starters form the Pokemon series Including Pickachu and Evee

How do the contest Hall work?
We staff create contest in which you can participate for more information read the Contest Hall info Thread

Can we fish for pokemons?
Yes you may with the differents fishing Rods, in the different lakes or river.

Can we do pokeblocks?
Yes you can do them in the Pokemon Center and use them in contests

How does happiness evolution work on an Rp?
Everything is explain in the Happiness system thread.

What about other evolution such as glaceon and leafeon evolutions?
Evano's region have discover new stone for this pokemon, The froze stone for Glaceon and the forest strone for Leafeon.

How much till THE FUNS STARTS??
Just go and creat your character sheet fo the fun to begin.

More to come...
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Must read the FAQ!
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