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 Mew, Zack (Last, First)

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PostSubject: Mew, Zack (Last, First)   Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:14 pm

Name- Zack Mew
Gender- Male
Age- 10 (not in real life)
Birthday- Sept. 23 1999 (not in real life)
Proffesion/s- New Trainer, "Breeder" lol!
Personality- Cool, yet Brave. He hangs with a tough crowd to please. Even though this is true he is a really cool kid that can help others when needed. Loves pokemon and wants to be a pokemon master. He wants to beat the elite 4 until they CRY No
History- Has been arrested severall times for getting into fights. Wants to make a clean slate and start over in this tough crowd. He is now very popular and hasn't been arrested in ages. He hopes he can keep it this way. He lost his best fiend inn a lab one day while learning about pokemon. His friend got too close to a charizard and BAM! Also lost his brother.
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Mew, Zack (Last, First)
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