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PostSubject: Ichida,Sejiko   Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:35 pm

Name- Ichida,Sejiko
Birthday-June 9
Proffesion/s- Trainer / Investigator
Personality- Sejiko is a calm guy that looks for peace. He is very friendly especially to the pokemons. He dosent like to see anyone hurt so he tries to help in anything he can. Scince he grew in a small town he had to be very worker.

History- Sejiko lived with his mom and his sister Aoi. Sejiko's father left to become one of elite four strongest member. Scince he was the only man of the house he had to work hard to mantain its family.In his free time he went to the forest to play with some pokemon friend he had made. One day in one of his break seiko went to the forest and was playing with a pichu he was friend with , when suddenly a wild ariados appeared. The pichu ran to his hideout leaving Sejiko alone. Sejiko wasnt mad at the pichu because it was natural for him to ran away. Rioku was so scared he was imobalize. The ariados shoots a poison sting at Sejiko and he thought he was going to die. Sejiko closed his eyes waiting for the attack to hit, but he didnt feel anything except the feeling that something was carring him. He opened his eyes and he saw it was a lucario wo saved him from the attack. The lucario had a different color than the one he has seen on magazine it had a golden fur instead of blue. The lucarion left Sejiko on the floor and then ue Aura sphere on the ariados. The arios had a direct hit and got hurt so badly it had to ran away. The the lucario stared at sejiko and telepathically told him to be more carefull. Then there was a 1 minute silence of lucario and sejiko staring those two had a great connection scince the moment their eyes met. Lucario then left the area running through the bushes. Thats the day when Rioku decided to search for that lucario and starting his journey as a pokemon trainer.

Money: 1500
TMs/HMs: None.
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